Which One is the Best Marrakech Tour?

Best Marrakech Tour

Trying to figure out the Best Marrakech Tour to go on? To be honest, it’s hard to tell because all of them are uniquely, breathtakingly and jawdroppingly interesting. There is so much to do in Marrakech from hiking the tallest mountain range to bouncing around the Marrakech dunes, that you might feel a little overwhelmed to plan all the activities out yourself. Here are the tours that citiesbydays.com suggests for you as you enjoy your stay in Marrakech.

1. The Hot Air Balloon Ride!!

Be prepared for the best sight your eyes have ever seen in their life as you go on this early morning five-hour hot air balloon tour. On this tour, you will be able to see Morocco’s beautiful deserts from up high in the early morning, with the sun rising in the background. The hot air balloon will drift through the skies and allow you to see the valleys and hillsides that Morocco has to offer. After your hot air balloon flight, you can enjoy a tasty breakfast and and also receive a certificate as a memory of this once in a lifetime experience.

You can take this tour with your loved one and experience a super romantic tour that you will never forget as you watch the Moroccan sunrise, or you can take all of your friends and have a lit time.

2. The Three Day Marrakech to Merzouga Tour

This tour as the heading says, takes three days.

These will be three days of desert bliss that you have surely never experienced before. During this tour, you will be able to get away from the busy streets of Marrakech and go on a tour of the beautiful Moroccan desert. You will be able to cross the Atlas Mountains on a pass, discover the sacred city of Rissani and also spend a starry night on the Sahara Desert. On this tour, you will get to meet new friends and enjoy this beautiful experience with them.

This tour will include a driver, two nights of accommodations, camel rides, meals and transportation from your hotel.

3.  The Atlas Mountains and Berber Villages Tour

During this tour, discover the villages of the Atlas Mountains called the Berber villages. You will explore valleys and orchards and you will be in awe at the view of Mount Toubkal, which is the highest peak in North Africa. The tour will take you on camel rides through the village and some tea time in the Imlil Valley. Then you will be able to hike to Ait Souka which is a Berber village, and you will enjoy a meal in a Berber family home. On the tour, you will see gorgeous scenery, waterfalls, hillsides and terraced gardens.

4. The Guided Marrakech City Tour

You haven’t been to Morocco if you haven’t seen the beautiful city of Marrakech. This tour will take five hours and will you through the vibrant and colorful capital city of Morocco. You will get a local guide and visit majestic landmarks that are important Moroccan culture. You will also be able to view the must-see, Bahia Palace, meaning “brilliance,” which was built in the 19th century. A delicious Moroccan lunch will be served as you enjoy the view.

5. Atlas Mountains Quad Biking Tour

Let your sense of adventure kick in as you go on this quad biking tour in the Atlas Mountains. You will be able to ride your quad into the countryside of Morocco and explore the desert, meadows, forests, villages, and also the lake that is nearby. When you get tired, you will be able to stop and get some tea at a Berber House. You can choose to either take this tour in the morning or the afternoon and take all of your friends and family with you for a fun adventure. All of the equipment you need will be provided for you during this four hour tour.

6. Moroccan Cooking Tour

Last but not least, this Tour will take place in La Maison Arabe. It will be an opportunity to eat at a traditional Moroccan restaurant, but not only that! This tour lets you discover Moroccan cuisine. You will be able to attend a workshop that teaches you how to make Moroccan traditional dishes so that you can make them for your family at home. You will be given a personal workstation and all the ingredients you need to prepare delicious Moroccan dishes. A Moroccan chef will give you instructions and you will be able to taste what you made when you are finished.

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