What to do in New York City’s High Line Park

New York City

You have to admit that there is nothing like New York City’s High Line Park and everyone needs to check it out once in their life .The High Line has restaurants that you can  get more chociecs.  New York is a popular city for people to visit and tour and going to the High Line Park is a perfect activity that is popular for visitors that are out of town.

To get to the High Line in New York City, you can take the C train or the 1 train to 23rd Street, and then go to Tenth Avenue. Below are fun activities that you can do on High Line Park and near it.

Watch an opera performance

There is nothing that speaks art more than these performances on High Line Park. There are many famous performers that you can watch there, especially in the summer when it gets really busy and everyone is out and about.


Make sure that you bring your phone or a camera on you everyday, because of the breathtaking photos that you will get to take. The High Line park is really beautiful and you can take pictures on any side or street that it is on.

Latin Dancing

Just because we are close by make sure that you go here, especially if you like dancing salsa. This place is filled with many different kinds of people who dance and are available to teach you different things about the culture and why that statue is in Spanish. As you are line dancing, you will be able to meet locals and get to know them.

After dressing up for a night on the town, you can go out. Basically, local salsa dance teachers are very kind. They can help you with your basic moves as well as many advanced ones. Local salsa music will be playing on the High Line Park, and during parties, people dance and meet new lifelong friends.

History Tour

If you are a fan of history and different interesting stories, you can hire a tour guide to come alongside you and tell you all the different significant things to know about High Line Park – such as how it used to be a highway. Back then, these tracks were only used to transport beef, dairy, etc. Tour guides can speak both English and French, which will make it easier for you to understand them.

Quality Time

Spend time on High Line Park to reconnect with your group of friends or your family. There is nothing like this breathtaking view to spark your inspiration to start a deep conversation with the people around you. You can sip on a cocktail and talk to your friends and family about life. You can also just spend quality time with yourself and bring a book to read on a chill day.

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