What to Do in a Day in Djerba


Djerba, the largest island in North Africa is located off the coast of Tunisia. It is an island rich in culture and history and is a popular destination among Europeans seeking sun and relaxation. Read further to find out the different things you should do in a day in Djerba.

Djerba in the Morning

When you wake up in your amazing vacation rental from https://authenticboutiquehotel.com, you can make a fruit salad with the fresh ingredients that you bought in the Djerban markets, in your beautiful kitchen as you overlook the beautiful Djerban beach. After this fresh breakfast, you can visit different museums that portray Djerba’s cultural heritage. One of these museums are Museum of Art and Traditions, which contains many artifacts that tell stories about Djerban history and culture. You can also visit Djerba Explore, which is a top touristic attraction that shows what a typical traditional Tunisian village looks like. You can then make your way to the Ghriba, which is the oldest synagogue in Africa, where you will discover traditional Jewish ways of life.

Djerba at Lunch Time

After visiting many Djerban sites, you can make your way over to the wonderful Djerban beaches. These beaches are lined with many different restaurants and cafés that serve many authentic Tunisian foods. You can pick anything that you would like and enjoy your lunch in the open Tunisian air.
You can then spend quality time on the beach with your family, as the afternoon rolls around. You can play cards, different board games, take pictures, make sand castles and even take a relax nap on the beach. Then later on, you can make your way to town and do some shopping, in the late afternoon. You can buy many different things in the Djerban markets, especially souvenirs that you can take back to your family and friends back home.

Djerba at Night

In town, there are many places to eat a delicious meal. You can make your way to an old synagogue that was turned into a restaurant in Hara Kebira to try Jewish cuisine. Then after dinner, you can go to a bar to enjoy a nice drink and get to know the locals as they party with you. There are also several shisha bars such as El Majless, where you can hear live music and smoke shisha late at night. There are also great clubs that are very inviting and will have special dance lessons for you so that you can blend in with the locals. The night entertainment in Djerba is usually lit and filled with great ambiance.

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