Reasons Why You Should Visit Sicily

cathedral Sicily

The island of Sicily, Italy continues to blow tourists’ minds with it’s rich and diverse culture and spectacular views. Sicily was perfectly placed in the Mediterranean and has always been a dream destination of many for many reasons.

Ancient Cuisine

Many people know that Italians are famous for their delicious cooking, but Sicily is something else. The few ingredients that Sicilian cuisine depends on are almonds, ricotta, shellfish and citrus, and tuna. When these are handed to a professional and experienced Italian chef, they will succeed in making wowing you when you taste their delicious dish. Some of these foods include cannolos or fish couscous.

Diverse Landscape

Not only does the island of Sicily offer diverse cuisine, they also offer a variety of landscapes, all in one island. Make sure to rent vacation apartment Italy when you are in Sicily to enjoy these landscapes to the maximum. There are seas, volcanoes, and mountains that make for great computer wallpaper. Tourists who enjoy hiking are taken to paradise when they see these spectacular landscapes that they can hike in. Tourists who love to swim, delight in the Mediterranean waters surrounding Sicily.


Swimmers and hikers aren’t the only ones that the island of Sicily tends to. History lovers can also enjoy the different monuments and architecture that Sicily has to offer. All of these have unique stories behind them that are very interesting to hear. In Palermo, there are may Arab domes and arches, Byzantine mosaics and palace walls that tourists can explore. There are also many golden domes and palaces as well as cathedrals.

Noto is one of the most beautiful historical centers in Sicily that is filled with beautiful red-gold buildings, ruins of castles, and spectacular churches that are all worth paying a visit to.

Mount Etna

This mountain is located in the east of Sicily and it is Italy’s highest mountain that is south of the Alps. It is also Europe’s largest active volcano. Eruptions at Mount Etna occur frequently and can only be visited occasionally. However, when it is open for visits, it is safe. Visiting Mount Etna will be a great adventure for tourists who like to take risks and tell inspired stories. Tourists can go on train tours around Mount Etna, they can go on a nature hike there, and also enjoy the sunset at Mount Etna. Tourists can also bring their picnic basket along and spend quality time with their loved ones near Mount Etna.

Mercato di Ballaro

Mercato di Ballaro is the market place in Sicily which is filled with people and activity. It is located in Palermo which is a town in Sicily. The streets are filled with locals that sell fresh ingredients, spices, local food, and different souvenirs to buy and take back home as a memory of your fascinating stay. In this market you will be in awe at the myriad of smells, the street life, and how friendly the locals are. You can buy everything there from cheese to olives, to take back to your apartment.

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