Clothes to pack for a holiday in Bahamas

Clothes to pack for a holiday in Bahamas

Bahamas is known for its sunny weather. You will be tempted to fill your luggage with light and comfortable attire. But as it stretches across a large area, the weather is very changeable. Here are what you should pack to be outfit ready for a holiday in the Bahamas!

Beach attire to lounge in the sun by the sea

With over 2,200 miles of coastline formed by 700 islands, a beachwear is must in Bahamas. It’s a pretty laid-back place so you can go around the seashore in your swimwear. For a fashionable touch, women can wear see through tops, shorts, kimonos or maxi dresses. Men can put on flower shirts or tank tops. If you are scared of sunburnt or plan to go surfing, you might as well make a place for a rash guard in your suitcase!

Casual clothing for sightseeing

shortsDespite the easy-going way of life, you should wear a less revealing attire when in the streets. The Bahamas has still kept some of the British standard from the colonial days. It is therefore very inappropriate to show up in a restaurant in a beachwear. You might trade the bikinis tops and shorts with just light casual clothing made of cotton or linen during the day. In the evening, woollens are more advisable.

Resort wear for a fancy vacation

If you’re out in the Bahamas to enjoy a luxury holiday, forget the beachwear and the casual attire! Some resorts have a wardrobe guideline – the resort wear. Typical holiday clothing might prevail during the day but when the sun goes down, there are many requirements. Women should be wearing either sleeveless maxi dress or dressy blouse with cotton slacks or skirt. Shoes should be heels or dressy sandals. Men are required to wear collared shirts, belted short or pants and close-toe shoes.

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