3 Mexican dishes worth travelling for

mexican dishes

Chances are that you’ve eaten Mexican food at least once. But it is also likely that you have had Tex Mex, not an authentic dish. The former is mostly about cheese, cumin and beef while the latter uses many more ingredients. For instance, the following Mexican dishes. Only in Mexico!

1. The traditional sauce: mole

Mole – pronounced mol-eh, is a traditional sauce made of chilli, cacao, spices and seeds. Other elements can be added to these. The mole can comprise over 20 ingredients and can be therefore cooked in an infinite way. The most popular is the red mole poblano often served over meat. The secret to yummy taste of the sauce is the constant stirring. And like the wine, the older the mole is, the tastier it is!

2. Tamales, the warrior’s food

Tamales were invented by the Aztec, Inca and Mayan women for men who went into battles. Tamales are made from corn dough. They can be either sweet or savoury, depending on the fillings: meat, cheese, vegetables, fruits, chillies… When filled, the dough is wrapped in banana leaves or corn husk then steamed. The pocket size of the tamales makes them perfect as a quick meal or a lovely snack.

3. The true tacos aka cochinita pibil

As the noun might say it – cochinita means baby pig, this is a pork-based dish. cochinita pibil is a typical Yucatan meal. Back then, they would wrap a whole pig in banana leaves and let it cook slowly in a fire pit. Nowadays, most people would use pork loin. They marinate it in a bitter orange juice and use annatto as seasoning. Then, the meat will be roasted so slowly. The cochinita pibil is therefore tender and has an orange colour. It served with corn tortillas and pickled onions or jalapeños salsa.

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