Whether you're looking for a unique travel idea, exploring off the beaten track or wanting some rest and relaxation, Travel Roots will get you grounded. We offer a variety of specialized group tours,  as well as a variety of interesting travel opportunities for independent travellers and families. We offer something that caters to all types of explorers, be it around the world, or your own backyard, we will help you see this dynamic World.

Go Grounded 

Yoga Retreat in Roatan Honduras

Available Year Round 

Reconnect with your mind, body and soul in the jungles and tranquil seas.  This retreat exposes you to the best this tropical island has to offer. Enjoy two yoga classes per day paired with a variety of island activities - from snorkelling to kayaking through the mangroves.

There comes a time when we must do Walkabout, to seek a deeper understanding of ourselves, our soul and the spirit of this natural world. Travel Roots offers specialized trips and tours that cater to nurturing your well being and harmonizing your mind, body and Soul with this Great and Wondrous World.

Soul Spa & Yoga Retreat Mexico

Jan - Mar 2015 

La Vita Bella Soul Spa is a world class destination for healing, transformation and celebration. Join Niki Trosky in a combination of daily yoga sessions along with thermal water treatments. This soul spa is rooted in volcanic hot springs that offer an accelerated healing process. Whether you need to physically rehabilitate, emotionally recover or spiritually reconnect, this 6 day retreat will maximize your ability to do so. 

Island Volunteer Adventure - Maldives

July/August 2015

Travel beyond the 5 star resorts to the breath-taking islands of the Maldives and experience authentic local island life at its best while supporting local community development projects. Volunteer opportunities available in a variety of different sectors from education, environmental conservation, healthcare, climate change prevention & awareness, grant writing, and various research opportunities. You will also have plenty of time to explore the islands and experience all the Maldives has to offer! 

Our Story

Welcome to Travel Roots! Where your passion for travel meets a desire to explore local communities & support socially responsible tourism. Whether you're seeking adventure, spiritual well-being, rest & relaxation or getting off the beaten track,  we offer uniquely designed travel packages. 

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Our Mission

To provide an alternative option for today’s  travelers to support socially responsible tourism and local communities through grassroot travel experiences.

We're here to provide unique opportunities for people to become global citizens that are empowered to support ecofriendly businesses  & support community based initiatives across the globe. We seek partnership with those who support a common vision.  

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February - April, 2015 

For the truly adventurous, explore off the beaten track of Brazil's lush coastline and search for hidden beaches. Inaccessible by road, travellers will hike through Reserva Biological da Joatinga, exploring waterfalls, rivers and numerous beaches, such as Sumaca beach & Martin de Sa Beach. Get the chance to surf, snorkel and fish until your hearts content. Camp and dine with locals who will guide you through the area and ensure your experience is beyond your wildest dreams.

Educational tours are designed to offer students, youth & curious travellers a unique travel experience that focuses on sustainable community-based economic development, conservation management, and cultural preservation. Participants will have an opportunity to interact with local communities and not-for-profit organizations and volunteer for a variety of community development and conservation management projects.

WalkAbout tours 


Tree Climbing Adventures

more coming spring 2015

Connect with nature and explore the world from the Canopy high above the city. Join Chris Barkman, a professional Arborist, and the Travel Roots team as we climb some amazing trees around Winnipeg and the world. Discover the amazing benefits of tree climbing and Get the chance to climb your favourite trees. Root yourself in Nature and find out for yourself how tree climbing can change your perspective.

'A sense of childhood Awe blooms when we travel.'
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mayantuyacu Sanctuary

Available All Year

Trek deep into the Peruvian Amazon to the isolated sanctuary of Mayantuyacu. Time spent at Mayantuyacu means relaxing in the hotsprings, exploring the lush landscape of the rainforest and learning Ashaninka knowledge on the relationships between plants and humans. Root yourself in Nature and let Mayantuyacu uncover its magical interaction with our mind, body, and spirit.

Get Rooted 

Designs by nature

Jan - April 2015

Follow us as we trek through India exploring the unique flora and fauna in 2 of the most diverse regions in the country: the Andaman Islands and Meghalaya.  Learn how the local people interact with nature and how they use the natural environment to sustain their lifestyle and culture. This adventure is tailored for students with a design, environmental and tourism background, but open to anyone wanting to experience the spectacular biodiversity and rich culture of these two regions.

Exploring everything trees. Whether it's climbing a Giant Sequoia of California, or doing a nature walk through some Manitoba Trails, we have dedicated ourselves to honoring nature by developing unique tours and adventures that involve trees.